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Takinohai Waterfall
Lie down on the rocks quietly under the starry sky on a summer night watching the fire bugs flying around, and you will feel as if you are dissolving into the sound of the water crashing against the rocks. This spectacular view is the result of the rushing water which has eroded the soft part of the rock for thousands of years. In the 17th century there used to be a Buddhist stone monument under the waterfall. It was later washed away by a flood. There used to be azaleas growing all over it and other kinds of flowers making it a breathtaking sight. These days it is well known for its fireflies lighting up the atmosphere over the pure stream on balmy summer nights. It is also famous for its sweetfish which swim up and hang about at the base of the waterfall.
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Maidenhair Tree at Kosenji Temple
As legend has it, once upon a time the spirit of this tree one day appeared in Dr. Kusaka Shunsai's dream. It told him that it was in danger of being cut down soon, but that it would serve the people if its life was saved. The next day the doctor talked to the village people in detail about his dream, and they decided not to cut down this tree. Because of this we can still see this huge tree which has roots which hang in the air just like woman's breasts. According to this legend if you touch these roots and pray for a baby, your wish will soon come true. It is said that if you lean against this tree, which is some 30m in height and 7m in diameter, and close your eyes, you will remember your mother's breast when you were a child.
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Wadagawa Kyo (gorge)
Wadagawa Kyo, blessed with pure and abundant water, is rich in river fish like sweetfish, eel, and river shrimp. The gorge is surrounded by lush evergreen trees which make a beautiful backdrop for the pristine waters of the gorge. It is a photographer's delight.
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Ichimai Iwa (rock) of Kozagawa
The Great Rock of Koza is like a natural pyramid growing out of the bowels of the earth. Near the centre of the great rock the In-yo (Yin/Yang) Waterfalls pours out and down into the Koza River below. In some years the flowers near the waterfall bloom throughout the four seasons. The Great Rock of Koza is considered to be a Japanese National Monument and is said to be a kind of natural ‘power spot’ where the gathering energy of earth can be tangibly felt. The monolith is approximately 100 meters high and 500 meters wide and seen from afar it looks like a veritable mountain in itself.
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Dorokyou (gorge)
While kayaking or canoeing in Kumano you can take in the mountain views and absorb yourself in the sound of the wind on the river. Kumano River is perfect for canoeing because unlike most rivers in Japan, there are no obstacles like dams or concrete embankments all the way from Dorokyou Gorge to where the river empties into the Pacific. 
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Hashikui Iwa(rock)
Hashikui Iwa is an unusual rock formation consisting of about 40 large vertically standing rocks stretching out approximately 850 metres towards the island of Ooshima from the eastern coastline near the town of Kushimoto.
As you can see, these pillars resemble the pillars of a bridge. In fact, there is a legend about Kobo Daishi, the founder of Shingon Esoteric Buddhism which goes something like this: 
'Once upon a time, a Buddhist Priest named Kobo Daishi and a troublesome Oni (Devil) met near the town of Kushimoto. The Oni was very impressed and perhaps a little jealous of the wisdom displayed by Kobo. The Oni was confident that he himself was the wisest in the world. So he eagerly wanted to prove this by defeating the Kobo. "Hey, Mr.Kobo, you see that Oshima island is so very far from Kushimoto, and when there is bad weather the people living there cannot easily come to Kushimoto. This is a very troublesome problem for the local people, I think that a bridge should be built between Oshima and Kushimoto," the Devil suggested. "That's good. That's a good idea," the priest agreed quickly. And the Oni said, "Oh, well, let's bet on it then. I bet you can't build a bridge from Kushimoto to Oshima in one night?" Inside the Oni was saying to himself, "No matter how great Kobo Daishi is, I am sure he can't build a bridge in one night. So, soon he will notice his own weakness."
At last the sun set, and the priest began to build a bridge. Meanwhile, the Devil spied on him, hiding in the grass and watching the priest's progress. The priest very easily carried some huge rocks from a nearby mountain and lined them up in the sea, one by one. In a few hours the construction of the bridge was well on its way. The Devil saw this and said, "Oh no! the great bridge will probably be built by dawn." So, he began to think of a way to stop the building of the bridge and
pretended to cry like a rooster, "Cockadoodle- do, Cockadoodle- do"  Again he heard the cry of the rooster and subsequently gave up building the bridge.' The priest then said, "Oh, morning has come."

The unfinished bridge is what we call Hashikuiwa. Near the starting point of the bridge of rocks, there is a shrine commemorating the Buddhist Priest Kobo Daishi.
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