The Kumano Field Museum: Its Meaning and Purpose

The Kumano Field Museum: Its Meaning and Purpose

Historically Kumano has been a pilgrimage destination open to all people of all walks of life, without discrimination regarding one's sex, rank, financial status, or social position. Men and women, peasants and emperors, all sought the healing powers of the Kumano region, and all hoped to catch a glimpse of the true meaning of life and death. This policy of non-discrimination sets Kumano apart from many other pilgrimage destinations which placed restrictions on entry according to one's sex and so on. Still honouring this tradition of non-discrimination and recognizing the needs of the present global era, The Kumano Field Museum concept was born as a means of providing all people, regardless of age, sex, race, or national origin an opportunity to experience Kumano directly as did our ancestors. Unlike a mere academic excursion into history, The Kumano Field Museum experience allows participants to feel the air as our ancestors did, to revere life as our ancestors did, and to find rebirth and the meaning of life and death as our ancestors did. In this way we believe an important part of Japanese history and culture can be understood through direct experience. We believe that those who find themselves on the Kumano Kodo, praying before a god of eternal life, or simply taking in the atmosphere of an ancient forest, all will agree that the power of Kumano is alive and well and that we should avail ourselves of that power for the healing of ourselves and of the world. Kumano welcomes all who seek to experience history directly and understand why people from all over Japan endured great hardships to reach Kumano in order to find physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

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