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Copyright by Tuyoki Fukui

1. The Prayer of Thanks

2. Happiness to You

3. The Blue Wind

4. Hallelujah

5. How warm It is !

6. The Prayer in Woods

7. Sailing Away 

8. The Moon Lake


*We are sorry for this CD-ROM has not so good quality to express Mr. Fukui's music comparing to the original music CD-ROM, yet he helps a lots for this project. We sincerely recommend you to purchase his original one to send e-mail to beneath. Thank you!

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Born in 1957 in Kyoto city. His family has lived in the mountain of Kumano region and experience living in nature without electricity 4 years and he made bamboo flute by himself at that time. . In 1995, he was invited at the International Peace Conference held by Mr. Gorbachev to offer his hand made bamboo flute playing " Flute for Praying".

Until now he has been playing at various place in various countries for prying peace to play his Bamboo flute.

Now many CDs are available to get.